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Membership to the association Hua for 2018,
already member I take my adherence  I add 10€ to my deposit

Please choose your dates 2017 with Mte Bob Boyd :
 du 29 au 30 Octobre 210€ - 190€ * du 29 au 31 Octobre 300€ - 270€ * du 29 Octobre au 2 Novembre 590€ - 550€ * du 31 Octobre au 2 Novembre 420€ - 390€ *

*Teatching cost for registeringone month before the date.
(date of e-mail or date as postmark for registered mail)

Room charges in the "Château de la Chapelle"

I need bed linen +8€ I don't need bed linen 

I will arrive the evening before around 17h I will arrive on the morning around 9h 

Deposit for teaching and accomodation:
90€ for 2 days 130€ for 3 days 220€ for 5 days 

For the foreigners, the accomodation will be payed directly by cach or bank card (NEW) to the "Tresor public" .
I transfer deposit for my participation to the workshop and accomodation on the account of HUA Association.
Please specify your name and the reason "Workshop Bob Boyd 2018"
Association HUA :
Bank; Crédit Coopératif, 1 place Carnot CS 10115 84918 Avignon Cedex 9
IBAN : FR 76 42559 10000 08003978137 05

 I allow the free and non exclusive use of any picture taken of me while training during the workshop. I don't allow the free and non exclusive use of any picture taken of me while training during the workshop.

I you declare having read and agreed to the general terms of the seminar.



2017 October 29th to November 2nd

Robert Boyd disciple of IP TAI TAK, who was the first disciple to Yang Sau Chung, is invited by Thierry Bae, who is his first disciple. He will teach the « snake style », the hidden style of the Yang family. The Snake Style is the most martial and best preserved form of Yang family Taiji Quan.

Practising snake style particularly develops each one’s potential for martial skills within the principles of Taiji Quan. Applying flexibility in the completion of the Snake Style, including animation of the spine and internal muscles, involves a powerful bio-mechanocal work that provides  a unique exercise for health and longevity.

The workshop is open to everyone practicing Taiji.

Sunday October 29th (1st day) and Monday October 30th (2nd day)

Taiji quan: Hand form explanations and going deeper into principles of Snake Style
Martial applications in the form and two persons set

Tuesday October 31th(3rd day)


Training days reserved for teachers of ISSA or affiliated.
Wednesday November 1st and Thursday November 2nd
Qi gong
Ding Bu Quan
San shou
Teaching questions

Site de la Chapelle, 13 km outside of Avignon

The workshop takes place at Site du château de la Chapelle, in the village of Châteauneuf- de-Gadagne, 1462 avenue Voltaire Garcin (13 km outside of Avignon).

Arrival by car to the Château: Highway A7, exit “Avignon Nord”, follow direction “Avignon”, then “Morières-Lès-Avignon”. Cross the village and follow direction « Isle-sur-Sorgue » or «Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne ». At the entrance of the village, after the intersection, follow “centre ville”, then turn left after the gas station ESSO direction “Salle Arbousière”. Follow the road until the parking outside of the Château’s garden.

Arrival by train: arrive at railway station “Avignon Centre” to take a local train to « Gadagne » ( time schedule available on the web, take only the direct trains)
(or) the bus line 6 to Châtauneuf de Gadagne, and ask to stop at the gas station.
When you arrive at Avignon TGV station, there is a shuttle train every 10mn, from the TGV station to Avignon Centre.


Here or near the « Château de la Chapelle »
Two hosting formulas: full board or meal midday only.
Full board possible (double rooms in chalets or hostel style building), meals freshly prepared by professional cook in the Château. All participants take lunch together at the Château.

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